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Are you a sensitive woman who’s ready to
reclaim the authority role in your life?

You are a gifted, powerful soul here for bigger things, on purpose to fully realize your highest inner potential and make your most meaningful impact in a world.

But what if you’ve always been told or made to feel insignificant, small, wrong?

Convinced that you’re not good enough, too sensitive or unworthy.
Not told you’re gifted, but instead made to feel troubled or emotionally messy.

Feeling called to awaken the amazing power hidden within your soul – while feeling bad about who you are
will only keep you feeling stuck and –

  • You could self-placate and continue to hide that it bothers you.
  • Self-medicate with shopping, isolation, excuses, food or alcohol.
  • Self-cope by over-committing yourself so you don’t have to face your painful truth -that you feel out of control to change what you don’t like.

Or you could heal the dis-empowering stories you believe and learn to love yourself fully to own your power + worth forever.

If you’re ready to take back your power to awaken your most innate gifts + clear the energetic blocks that have prevented you from sharing them with confidence,
you are in the right place!

Hey! I’m Nicole.
I help you tap into your self-healing superpowers – because you are meant for more!

I teach sensitive women how to heal energetic blocks + re-purpose dis-empowering stories to awaken their gifts so they can step out in the direction that honors their soul.

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