⬅️⬅️⬅️FEELING FLAT?➡️➡️➡️

Not sure how to get the spark you once had back? Life tends to happen all at once. It can even completely fall apart.

While you were busy watching the bottom fall out, that sneaky culprit called WORRY creeps into your life, sucking the wonderful energy right out of your soul.

Do you feel:
🛑Dull or blah
🛑Lethargic or heavy
🛑Wondering what your true gifts are

When you crave more than a hot fudge sunday! You want that magical feeling inside that makes you feel all things are possible! The one that pops you up out of bed in the morning and screams conquer this amazing day!

👉🏻✨❤✨Are you ready to get back to the wonder and passion? To feel energized and confident in all aspects of your life? Are you ready to finally feel the flow?

Here’s an easy way to ignite that spark you crave-

📝Create a list of everything and anything you can think of that you love and enjoy.❤

☕️🎨Include hobbies, exercise, activity, foods, people, places you go. Whatever lifts your spirit, energizes, stirs your creative juices, makes you feel like a kid inside, happy and carefree.

Continue to add to your list as you think of or discover what you like and enjoy that’s good for you.

✔️As you plan your day, choose things from your list and add them to your daily tasks to keep a balance of good and healthy with the things you have to do.

This helps to release tension, counteract pressure and eliminate resistance so you can love your life in every moment and keep your intuition free and clear.

💎💎Why does this matter?💎💎

When stress hits you may not remember to do something that feels good for you. If you’re going through a moment or time of stress, you can go to your list and simply scan for something that feels good to go do in that moment.

Simple ideas to release stress and connect with source:
✨Sing your favorite song
✨Blow bubbles
✨Dance in your kitchen
✨Walk through the woods
✨Have a cup of tea
✨Smile just because

👎🏻You don’t have to settle for bland. Life can feel wondrous, dreamy and passionate again! I’m here to show you how.

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