5 Reasons You’re Crying All The Time

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We all cry for different reasons. Crying is what makes us human. But there are times when the tears just won’t stop, when it feels like everything makes you want to cry.

I’m not talking about tears that well up during a movie, tv drama or when you see a cute baby animal kind of crying.

That’s just very every day for sensitives like us. (Also why I never go into a movie with any hint of romance, life drama or battle to overcome without a pocket full of Kleenex. That’s basic, sensitive 101 stuff.)

The kind of crying I’m talking about is when you want to run to the bathroom or hide under your desk because you cannot hold back the pressure behind your eyes. When you pray no one comes to talk to you at work because you’ve just been crying and your red face makes it obvious. And you feel raw and ready to burst into tears for what seems like “no apparent reason” all over again.

That’s the kind of crying I’m talking about.

I have been there. One thought of my sons and the floodgates would open. I would just start bawling. And I couldn’t make it stop.

Is this resonating? Here are several possible reasons it’s happening for you.

Reason #1: You’re living as an untrained empath

To the untrained empath life is summed up in one word – anxious.

You feel energetically out of control and bulldozed by your emotions more often than not. The only thing left to do is cry because it feels like everything is crashing down on you.

You feel jittery, moody, fatigued and socially anxious.

After a full day the only thing left to do is cry on your car ride home while you ask yourself “why is this happening to me?” or “why do I feel like this?”

Being “too sensitive” just feels like a curse and you wish it would go away. Everything seems to bother you and it feels like everyone around you is on your case. So you cry.

Tip: Working with an empath role model would do you well. Becoming a trained empath is a practice and learning from someone who has been there will help you master your gift. My program is designed to teach you how to navigate your emotions through the twists and turns in life so you can thrive and be happy.

Reason #2: You’re not clearing your energy

You just feel like yuck. As a Sensitive you take on everyone’s stuff, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s easy for you, because you feel what other people feel.

The problem is when you do that and you ‘keep’ everyone’s emotional garbage vs. purging.

When you do this you clutter and muddy up your own energy.

This rollercoaster of emotions can leave you feeling unstable, shaky and scattered. And who can think straight when they feel scattered?

You’re left feeling overwhelmed, confused and maybe even a bit crazy. (But you’re not.)

You’re energy is just icked up.

Imagine a sink all backed up with nasty muck from the drain. That nasty, dirty water is everyone else’s ‘stuff’ and you cannot flow while it’s all swirling around in your own energy.

You need a good clearing.

Tip: Learn to use energy tools (like emotional drano) to clear your energy on a regular basis, as in, as much as needed. This means making self-care a priority and taking time to use the energy tools. A few quick suggestions – 5 minute meditations, journaling, staying hydrated, going for a brisk walk. Here are a few deeper suggestions.

Reason #3: You’re not grounded

When you’re not grounded, you’re as helpless as a leaf blowing around in the wind.

You can be thrown off balance very easily, vulnerable to your surroundings and environment. You feel everywhere but in your body. Your thoughts scatter about and you may even feel unsure, insecure or fearful.

Your mood might be easily influenced by what happens around you or the moods of other people.

This can be compounded when you feel run down, overworked or stretched too thin.

Trying to do too much at one time, ignoring your own energy needs or getting sucked into someone else’s mess can really cause you to lose your energetic footing. You’re more emotionally vulnerable and that can bring on the tears.

Tip: When you are well grounded, you are rooted and strong like a big tree. Sit in a chair with your eyes closed and your feet planted firmly on the floor. Lean back into your chair, and make note of the feeling of the chair under you and against your back. Take a deep breath. Wrap your arms around yourself across the front of your chest. Take several slow, deep breaths. Hold for 10-15 seconds or until you feel settled, calm and present.

Reason #4: You’re going through the dark night of the soul

This is a biggie.

Everything that once gave you security feels like it has fallen away. You feel vulnerable, exposed, unsure. You may even feel like you are in a depression. (but you are not)

You feel as if you are stuck in the dark with no hope of seeing the light again, like you’re totally alone during this process. All you want to do is weep during the dark moments.

It’s all a necessary part of your spiritual awakening.

You’re feeling old pain you have tried to suppress that is now bubbling up to the surface to be healed. We don’t even realize the heavy baggage we have held onto for so long.

For whatever reason, you are in a position to heal your pain, suffering, and feelings of separation from source right here, right now. The pain is the old story you are attached to. It’s falling away which creates a feeling of loss.

The tears help you release this pain and suffering and the old story. It’s grieving the old but this is also celebration for what lies ahead.

You can get through this process on your own but of course having support is more helpful, less confusing.

Tip: To get through this time your strength will come from finding new meaning and understanding about everything in your life and answering the question ‘who am I?’ and ‘what do I want now moving forward?’ This is the time to create a new story for your life. Face this time with gratitude for the possibilities coming your way. You don’t have to go this part of your journey alone. I’ve been through it, I understand and want you to know, you are not alone. Schedule a Sensitivity Scan so we can assess where you’re at on your path.

Reason #5: Not all tears are because you’re sad

I saved the best for last because this one really is a goodie.

You’re overwhelmed with wonderful, amazing, super-beautiful emotions and they’re making you gush like a waterfall.

Everywhere you look you see beauty. You see and feel life like a jet plane roaring by. It shakes the core of who you are and rumbles emotions that make you want to cry with love and compassion for a better world.

It’s as though your heart will explode and you could cry enough tears to fill an ocean.

You feel deeply connected and you’re ready to do your part to make a difference.

Yeah, this is a good one. If you’re in this place, it’s your time my sensitive friend. Your purpose is calling you.

Tip: Start to explore if you haven’t already, your passions and spiritual gifts. Whether you feel drawn to be a volunteer or an entrepreneur, a caregiver or a motivational speaker – your time is now.

So there you have 5 possible reasons you can’t stop crying.

All of them good. Yes I said good.

None of the reasons are permanent. You won’t be a crying mess forever. You can get to a better feeling place for sure. It just takes action on your part.

All of the reasons are perfect reasons to schedule a Sensitivity Scan with me. Let’s review where you’re at and get a plan together to help you put those tears in check.

Not ready for that just yet? Email me and let me know which reason resonated with you. I’ll be sure to respond to let you know, you are not the only one and you are definitely not alone.

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