3 Tips To Turn Your Negative Pattern Into Your Blueprint For Success!

Does it feel like no matter what you try or how hard you work, you end up with the same negative outcome? Like you’re just reliving the same negative pattern over and over again? (hello, Groundhog Day right?!)

Ugh, and then the shaming and blaming yourself for it!

That’s no way for you to live – when there’s so much more available for you!

It’s definitely not unusual for me to receive intuitive nudges that lead me to surprising, magical outcomes at this point in my life. In fact, I can count on them happening.

But that’s because I’ve learned to notice, to listen and to act on them. But it wasn’t always that way.

I did a lot of things that didn’t feel right for me because I talked myself into it and passed on many things that did feel right because I talked myself out of it. Not the right combo!

Recently I met a new friend in a very divine connection way that some people may call random – a fluke – but it was very on purpose by the Universe. Matt had been doing the same things and it wasn’t leading him down a path of alignment or purpose.

In this video I share more about what I shared with Matt to help him see where his intuition was trying to help + 3 tips that will give you outcomes that fulfill you and light up your life + how to trust yourself to make aligned decisions moving forward.

As a caring Sensitive I know you may fear letting others down, you don’t want to disappoint anyone – and it may have pushed you into doing things you thought you should do, only to feel let down as a result.

It’s time to use those negative patterns as your blueprint for success!

Watch this video to help you get started!

Want more info and support to change that? You don’t have to do this alone! I’m here to help.