Everything is always working out for me.

That’s how I start every day.

And that’s how I roll through the rest of my day.


It’s easy to focus on all that is not working, what is not going well, how much there is to do or how much has stacked up against you.

But it is just as easy to focus on what is working for you, what is going well, how much you have already accomplished and all that is stacked in your favor.

Both take energy and effort – but only one way helps you create the life you want.

Today I’m talking about creating a thinking and focusing habit that keeps you moving in the direction of your goals – and what keeps your mind pointed in the wrong direction.

Plus 3 tips to polish your energy and glitz your goals!

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Have You Been Feeling Blue?

No worries – I have something amazing to help you beat the blues!

Are you sensitive to the season? Or just feeling blue?

If you said yes it does not necessarily mean that you have “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” – I don’t even like the word “disorder” so let’s break it down another way.

As a sensitive you experience everything in life through – feeling. It’s your superpower, you are a super-feeler.

There is truth that some sensitives feel more affected by their emotional reaction to dark days. Dark feels heavy – light feels light.

Things that happen in life can feel dark and heavy also. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun.

Heavy thoughts tend to be more activated at night. It’s like your thoughts are pulled down as the sun sets. You focus on everything that’s not going well, the problems magnify and your mind fills with negative scenarios. By the time your head hits the pillow, you’re exhausted but too anxious to sleep. Morning comes and you’re still exhausted, your mind kicks in with the anxious worries and so another day begins.

Your mind gets wrapped up in trying to make sense of past experiences or negative possibilities, imagining them having a different outcome.  If you’ve ever felt stuck on negative events (for example, mentally reliving a fight with family member), rumination can fuel those feelings of depression and anxiety.  Not too surprisingly, you’re more prone to rumination when you are alone and free from distractions, which tends to be at night for most of everyone.  End-of-the-day fatigue can also make you more prone to feeling down. Sometimes sleeping on it is the best advice.

Your heightened sensitive reaction to dark days is like anything else, you notice what’s going on outside of you more than others. It affects you.

During colder, winter months the shorter, colder days can drag on and you feel your energy dropping with the temperatures. But not to worry – I’m here to share 100 ways to beat the blues – and they work any time of the year!

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Holiday Tips You Can Use Series: Create a Personal Empowerment Plan

The Tips You-Can-Use Series to make lasting change and dominate your life in 2018!

Why do resolutions drop off by February with only 8% of people achieving what they set out to do?

Poor planning
Lack of belief
Wrong approach

I could go on, but the truth is – it doesn’t matter why!

I’m not interested why other people fail or drop their resolutions👉🏻I’m interested in YOU getting more of what YOU want.

Don’t buy into the bullshit about resolutions or even feeling the need to set them!

That’s right, skip them and charge into the new year with a whole different approach!

New Year Tip: Create a “Personal Empowerment Plan” for your whole life.

Living your best life is very personal.

What works for one person is not always what may work for you.

Pay no mind to what other people do or how they do it.

Do this YOUR way.

Creating a personal empowerment plan means including things YOU enjoy.

Example – if you hate going to the gym, don’t buy a gym membership you’ll only use a few times and eventually stop using because you never liked it in the first place!

Just because that’s how your co-worker managed to drop 10 lbs-does not mean it’s a fit for you.

Maybe your thing is hot yoga or hiking in the woods for movement.

Get clear about what you like and enjoy that’s good for you and include it in your plan.

There are SO many ways to achieve your goals. SO many resources. SO many options!

What lights you up inside
What inspires you?
What puts that fire in your belly to reach higher?

Create your list and add to it every day. Then add those things to your calendar, to-do list and stay committed.

When you take consistent action on the things that matter most you will move in the direction of what you want. (and you’ll have the energy to do it!)

The best way to stay on track?

Simple, choose actions you enjoy and map them out in advance.

Where can you take action, starting right now?

Happy New Year with all the bells and whistles and everything you want for your life!

Nicole Isler, Your Personal Energy Specialist and Self-Empowerment Coach for Sensitives

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Holiday Tips You Can Use: Focus on what you can add!

The Tips You-Can-Use Series to make lasting change and dominate your life in 2018!

At this time of year, people are setting resolutions, talking about “quitting this” and “stopping that” with thoughts of “I can’t have” and “I shouldn’t”.

No wonder 80% of resolutions drop off by February with only 8% of people achieving what they set out to do! That’s a horrible approach to getting what you want.

You cannot grow by playing small.

New Year Tip: Focus on what you can ADD.

Presenting a goal to your mind in the form of quitting, losing or stopping, can’t, don’t or shouldn’t – makes you want whatever you’re trying to avoid even more. It also limits you and creates resistance and restriction. YUCK!

Human nature is to want more, be more – to expand! (not live smaller)

Example – approaching weight loss by telling yourself “I shouldn’t eat so much” or “I can’t have a cookie” creates a feeling of limitation and keeps your mind focused on what you can’t have or shouldn’t do.

Not very inspiring or empowering.

So instead of trying to quit or stop something, focus on healthy things you can add to your life.

“What do you like and enjoy, that’s good for you” – that you can add starting right now?

Write a list of all the healthy foods you love to eat, activity or movement you love to do – or whatever goes with your desired outcome. (Money, time, family and so on)

Focus on what you “can have” and “can do” and fill your day with those actions and focus points.

“I can eat more veggies”
“I can add more movement today”
“I can plan my meals for healthy eating”

Your day will be filled with thoughts of all the things you CAN do and CAN have!

Never underestimate the power of thoughts and how you position your mind.

Thoughts create a feeling.

A negative thought creates a negative feeling = You feel small, powerless, stuck.
A positive thought creates a positive feeling = You feel strong, powerful, possible.

With the right focus and approach, you will expand your power for success in 2018!

What can you ADD that you like and enjoy – that’s good for you? Drop it below!

Happy New Year with all the bells and whistles and everything you want for your life!

Nicole Isler, Your Personal Energy Specialist and Self-Empowerment Coach for Sensitives

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The Tips You-Can-Use Series to make lasting change and dominate your life in 2018!

Resolutions like lose weight, spend less, save more, enjoy life to the fullest are the hot topics this time of year. And yet 80% of resolutions drop off by February with only 8% of people achieving what they set out to do.

But not for you!

New Year Tip: Skip the Resolutions!

Don’t fall into the fad of setting a resolution or aka solving a problem in your life that you’ve tolerated for too long. Your life is not a problem to solve!

Problems are annoying, who wants to focus on that?! Let’s get to the business of dominating your life!

Get clear on your “what” by creating a vision for your life with meaning and purpose.

Spend quiet time reflecting on this year. What was missing? What would you like more of? What didn’t work for you? What rocked your world?

Create a summary, then focus forward on the new year.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to experience? How do you want to feel? – and WHY?

It’s more inspiring to create a vivid and detailed vision for your whole life that helps you live healthier and happier vs. setting a resolution and trying to resolve one annoying problem. Yes or yes???

So, what will it be….

Solving a problem or dominating your life?

Happy New Year with all the bells and whistles and everything you want for your life!

Keep me posted on your vision for creating your awesome living tour!

Nicole Isler, Your Personal Energy Specialist and Self-Empowerment Coach for Sensitives

Holiday Tips You Can Use

Take Charge of Your Holidays – and avoid holiday burnout this year!

Holiday Tip: Set the tone for your holiday in advance.

How do you want to feel this holiday season?

The best way to make it happen is to get clear about what YOU want for your holidays – in advance.

Decide how you want to feel.
It’s easy to slip into a direction you don’t want or fill your days with parties, people and gatherings you don’t enjoy if you skip this step.

Setting your intention in advance, allows you to operate with meaning or direction vs. not accomplishing what you want, or only accomplishing bits of what you want. Which leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Decide how you want to feel for the holidays and base all your decisions on that feeling.

Is what you’re thinking, doing or saying yes to enhancing your ‘pre-set feeling’ or taking away from it?

Set your intention on how you WANT to feel and you are more likely to recognize when something is not enhancing that feeling.

You can avoid it entirely or decline invitations that don’t feel right for you and>>>jump on the activities that magnify how you want to feel instead!

Holiday Tip: Notice what you notice and adjust.

It’s easy to get caught up in the doing, feeling distracted, your mind running wild with everything on your holiday-maxed-out-to-do list.

You might find yourself saying things like “I’m so tired” or “I don’t have time” which only makes you feel worse, but you push right on to the next thought, the next thing on your list without noticing or registering how you’re actually feeling.

You just accept it ‘as-is’ and push yourself onward.

When you notice what you notice, you own your energy. When you own your energy, you have the power to adjust as needed.

Awareness is so powerful.

“Notice what you notice” means – when you’re feeling tight, tired, anxious or overwhelmed – notice the feeling and then adjust.

If you struggle with noticing at first, it may be useful to set an alarm to go off at certain times of the day, to remind you to take a moment and ask ‘how am I feeling right now?’ then adjust as you need to.

So –notice how are you feeling right now.

Tired, slouching?
Tense, stomach muscles clenched?
Stressed, holding your breath?

Whatever you notice, do something to adjust.

Sit up straight and stretch your muscles.
Release your stomach muscles.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

You can own your energy.

When you do, you expand your capacity to stress less and handle more through the holidays and every day.

And with all of the above, add a power thought like – “All is well”, “I feel at ease” or “I got this!”.

Holiday Tip: Identify the not-so-fun things about your holiday.

This is supposed to be the season of joy and being jolly – but for some, there are challenges and struggles around the holidays that really bah-hum-bug it all up.

Ok, so no one really wants to think about the downers at the holiday – but when you do, you rev your power.

Getting in front of what you don’t want gives you a different perspective vs. feeling stuck underneath it.

Trying to avoid the thought of what you don’t want creates more resistance – with the weight of those ugly things piled on top of you.

What kind of Grinchy things are we talking about here?

Stress. Family pressure or fall-outs. Feelings of obligation. Stretching the almighty dollar to get everyone a gift.

There’s no glitter in any of that.

When you get the stressful things out in the open, you take charge. You can plan ahead, get support as needed or try a new approach this year.

Take some quiet time to reflect on how you’re feeling. Where do you notice stress or tension? Where do you feel it?

Journal out your feelings. Then answer the following questions to shift the energy around what you come up with.

How is it perfect for you? How can you make it work for you?
How many different ways can you look at it? How can you approach it differently?
Is it your stress or expectation or someone else’s? How can you stay in your own energy vs. taking on theirs?
Is this a new issue or old energy bubbling up? What would make you feel better about it?

Know that you can give anything in your life new meaning and purpose so it works for you – you just have to be willing to go there and take charge of your energy.

Holiday Tip: Make self-care part of every day.

Let’s get clear on this. Self-care is not fluff, it’s not just for women and it’s not pampering.

I’m over talking about self-care like it’s optional and something you have to “try to remember to do”.

Make it your mindset that self-care is your normal, not something special you do for yourself or something you need to do because – you skipped it and now you’re exhausted.

When you take care of yourself you expand your capacity to handle more. You also have more energy for taking care of others and doing what you love to do.

The more you embrace self-care in your daily life, the more natural it is to adjust throughout your day – instead of waiting until you hit energy rock-bottom.

So what counts as “self-care”?

Consider anything that you “LIKE AND ENJOY THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU” as self-care.

What you do to help yourself feel better and cared-for is very personal.

So what do you “like and enjoy that’s good for you”?

Playing with your pet, a relaxing bath, hot shower, watching a funny movie, a 5-minute time out, drinking more water, laughing or going for a walk?

Whatever makes you feel more relaxed, happy or rejuvenated totally counts.

Write a list of things you like and enjoy that are good for you – then weave those things in throughout your day – every day.

Eventually it will become automatic, not something you have to think about.

You’ll have more energy for what matters most – and no holiday burnout!

Holiday Tip: Bring it in and calm the chaos.

Holiday pressure is real yo! It can make you feel hum-bug-diggity!

Truth is, regardless of how much you pre-plan and take action, there may be moments when a few too many things happen at once.

The noise gets too loud, the chaos in your environment takes over, the over-stimulated kiddos are screaming to open more presents while the adults are in the other room loaded up on spiked egg nog – this creates a sense of pressure when you’re a sensitive. (like the walls are closing in on you!)

You can’t think straight and feel out of control.

Trying to manage your energy based on what’s going on around you is ass-backwards!

Take charge of your energy and do it different this holiday.

If you find yourself in that heightened state, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and bring your focus to your inner world. Add a power mantra like “all is quiet” or “I am at ease”.

Closing your eyes stops visual stimulation allowing your brain to more easily process and function.
Taking a deep breath calms you down by triggering neurons in your brain to tell your body it is time to relax.
Adding the power mantra helps you think with intention and activate the energy you want to feel.

This process removes you as the participant IN the chaos and allows you to OBSERVE what’s happening from the inside-out.

This way the chaos is not happening TO you, where you have zero control, it’s happening around you, where you can adjust as needed and stay at ease in your own energy.

Wishing you inner peace and joy,

Nicole Isler, Personal Energy Specialist & Self-Empowerment Coach for Sensitives

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Surround Yourself with Positive People

Being around the ‘wrong’ kind of people complicates your energy and your life.

So it seems obvious to be around positive people.  I hear you saying “well of course!” Unfortunately actually pulling it off is sometimes a challenge.

Deep down we are social beings, we crave connection.

However, that doesn’t mean spending your time with any Joe-shmoe who’s available or with people you just happen to find yourself with because you met 15 years ago.

If your circle of friends consists of “negative” people, then I assure you your life will sooner or later become extremely complicated, full of negativity and problems. And you spending time in those relationships means more recovery work for you afterward.

What qualifies as a ‘negative person’? Well that’s up to you and determined by how you feel when you’re around them, how you feel after being with them.

If you’re drained, stressed, anxious or tense – they may not be ‘your kind’. If your energy is just trashed and you have to disconnect from everything to recover – I’d say that’s a pretty good sign.

On the other hand, if your friends have an uplifting spirit and a positive mindset you’re in the right friend zone.

People you spend time with should help you to grow into the best version of yourself and do their best to bring more happiness into your life.

Therefore, you should make sure to choose your friends carefully. Why people spend their precious time and energy trying to convince someone of their goals, dreams or self-worth is beyond me.

You are not ‘required’ to stay friends forever based on the length of time you’ve known them, what they once did for you when you needed it or because they’re really going through a rough patch right now. Hell, you’re not even required to stay connected because they are your parent.

This is your life. Your experience. You owe no one.

If someone does not value you, support you or encourage you – it’s best to walk away or keep your interaction minimal.

Buddha said to have uttered the following words:
“If you cannot find a good companion to travel with, walk alone, like an elephant roaming the jungle. It is better to be alone than to be with those who will hinder your progress.”

True that.

I’ve walked alone many times. But never for very long.

The Universe seemed to know just when to fill that space with someone I really needed, enjoyed and appreciated. People who helped me become the best version of myself.

The same goes for you.

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Is there someone in your life that brings you down? Or worse, do they knock you down? Maybe it’s time to revisit the future of that relationship.

Who lifts you up? Who positively challenges you? Who helps you become the best version of you? Those are the keepers.


When I was a little kid I loved to play. And I was cool all on my own, but it was so much more fun when I had a special friend to do silly things with.

I’m no different today.

I see you over there. Trying to cram one more thing in your busy day. And I totally get it. Hand raised HIGH, I’m guilty too.

We work and work. We get very serious about the long list of things we need to get done. Because we have dreams, things we want to accomplish.

🛑But all work and no play makes for a very tired soul. You feel lost, detached, unemotional and rigid in your routine.

Where’s the fun in that?

👉🏻🎉Play is the gateway to vitality and the activator for passion and creativity. It just feels good.

It also:
🎉Generates optimism and feeds the soul
🎉Makes perseverance and dream work fun
🎉Gives the immune system a bounce
🎉Promotes a sense of belonging and community.

So I guess the question is….

Will you come out and play with me?

Let’s get our fun vibe rockin’!

✅It’s time to join me in The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People Facebook Group. Where we take fun to a whole new level.

Your soul is ready to come out and play and you are too! Your people are waiting!

See you there!

Nicole, Your HSP Bestie xo


Are there things in your life you wish could pull a ‘Bewitched’ and wiggle your nose at to make them disappear? If only it were that easy, right?

Most people scramble through, doing and doing, all while loading more on their plate. Most of what’s on their plate doesn’t matter, it’s not going to bring them closer to what they want to see in their life.

➡️➡️➡️Does this feel like you?

Most likely you’re pretty clear about what you don’t want. It’s obvious when you don’t want something – it eats at you, frustrates you and the thought of it makes you cringe or want to run away.

Unfortunately, wiggling your nose won’t do a damn thing for creating more space, time and energy for the things you enjoy and really want to see in your life.

So what will get it done? Where should you start?

👉🏻🚫📝Start by creating “A Don’t Want List”.

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Step 1: Take inventory.
Go through your life, your home, your relationships, your garage, your office, your kid’s rooms, your thoughts, your diet, etc.

Write down everything that drains your energy when you look at it, or even think about it, whatever you can’t stand or don’t want. Your thoughts about any of these things are just as draining. If you feel “ugh” or a heaviness about a thought you have often, it goes on the list. (self-doubt, negative self-talk, etc)

Pay no concern to how many things are on the list, no worry to how some of the “bigger, heavier” things will disappear from your life. This step is about identifying what you don’t want in your life. What is taking up space and draining your energy.

Step 2: Get to work!
This is important – start with the EASIEST thing on your list. This is about building momentum not tackling the biggest, hardest thing first. Once you’ve selected the easiest thing to take care of, decide when you can address it.

Take care of it-as soon as possible. There’s power in action. You’ll get a rush when it’s finally handled. As you cross off each item, your brain releases chemicals that build your self-esteem. For the more time consuming items, (like cleaning your garage, losing weight, etc) block time on your calendar in advance to knock those things off your list.

As you examine what is NOT working and what you DON’T want – keep in mind it is only for housekeeping reasons, so you can eliminate it.

🗑In order to get what you DO want, you must eliminate what you DON’T want.

Success does not flow into clutter, new ideas do not flow into a chaotic mind and new opportunities do not manifest if the Universe observes you are too overwhelmed or disorganized. There’s just no room.

💡Even if something amazing is sent your way, you probably wouldn’t notice it anyway.

When there’s no room in your life emotionally, physically or mentally, there’s no chance of fresh energy flowing in. The opportunities that do come your way risk failure, or worse, if they’re not aligned with what you want, they only bring burden.

A very important step in creating your dream as your life is to eliminate what you don’t want to open up space and energy for things you DO want.

✴️You can use this energy tool anytime you feel overwhelmed, flat or out of control. I’ve used it for years and I will continue to. It’s helped me clear out the mental and emotional clutter as much as the physical clutter. It helped me spark my passion and it will help you too.

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Nicole, Your HSP Bestie xo


Does life feel like a grind? Have you lost your ability to feel joy, to play, to be creative?

When’s the last time you did something just for the fun of it?

Maybe you’re thinking:
🌪Are you kidding, have you seen my life?
🌪I have too many things to do.
🌪I don’t have time.
🌪Sure, maybe someday.
🌪Once again…are you kidding me????

I hear that word in your head. Priorities. Let’s get clear on what matters most in life….

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻IT’S YOU!!!!!!!!

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more important than YOU!

It’s not hard to lose your days to stress, bullshit and everyone else’s urgent needs. Life can be demanding and it doesn’t always take NO for an answer.

👆🏻🌟What if I told you it’s time to rise up to your greatness? It’s time to do this while staying energized, passionate and happy.


When your energy charge is balanced, you feel in harmony, connected and inspired. You are able to express yourself creatively and to embrace each new experience life offers — both good and bad. You are more positive and confident.

As you increase your energy, you increase the ability to handle more demands. You no longer bottom out. This allows you to increase your capacity and live a richer, more vibrant life. You can’t help but dream bigger, feel lighter and activate your superpowers!

How you handle or don’t handle daily stress is the difference between living fully and trying to keep up.

🖤💔Is stress taking a toll on your wellbeing? Are you taking the steps necessary to recover and replenish your energy? It’s time you started.

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💟“I’m getting the support I desperately needed, I’m feeling more free and happy. I’m learning/understanding new things about myself.”

💟“My love list far exceeds my dislike list. This was not the case when I first met Nicole.”

✅Are you ready to say those things about your life?

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