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    ⬅️⬅️⬅️FEELING FLAT?➡️➡️➡️

    Not sure how to get the spark you once had back? Life tends to happen all at once. It can even completely fall apart. While you were busy watching the bottom fall out, that sneaky culprit called WORRY creeps into your life, sucking the wonderful energy right out of your soul. Do you feel: 🛑Bored 🛑Dull or blah 🛑Lethargic or heavy 🛑Unmotivated 🛑Wondering what your true gifts are When you crave more than a hot fudge sunday! You want that magical feeling inside that makes you feel all things are possible! The one that pops you up out of bed in the morning and screams conquer this amazing day! 👉🏻✨❤✨Are…

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    And then feel totally horrible afterward? It’s hard when that happens. However, this is a good indicator that energy is not where it should be. It can feel scary, like you’re not in control of your emotions. When you’re in a snapped mode, you get angry and it’s really hard to be nice to anyone, even though you hate feeling that way. And then even worse, it can take days to recover from the guilt and shame of losing your cool. ❤👉🏻❤👉🏻As a highly sensitive person it’s easy to absorb a lot of tension, or negative charge. You need to retreat for a while. If you’re not given the space…

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    I was the Wicked Queen of “Shouldsville” to myself. A constant, brutal and overbearing, nagging voice in my head telling me “You should do this, you should do that”. As in “you should get more sleep, you should work out more, you should really clean up that mess or finish that project already”. It was like one long, cold finger poking me in the chest about everything I should do. Realize that even if the thing you think you “should do” is GOOD for you, the pressure you put on yourself is not. It makes the positive a negative. Living with this kind of pressure is literally like being penned in…

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    What Sucks?

    Yes you read that right. I am asking you what sucks? I was listening to my mentor Amethyst Mahoney during a workshop and she played this game called “What Sucks, What Rocks” with a participant. She had the participant list off all the things that sucked, then all the things that rocked. I thought it was genius! Their energy went from really low, cleared and then ended on a high vibe. It reminded me of a client that once asked me if it was ok to say “life sucks ” because that’s how she was feeling at the time. I replied yes, in fact I said, it’s more than ok, it’s raw but…

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    Any tips for blocking negative energy?

    A great question from a Facebook member! She said: “Last week someone was very angry at me. I didn’t even have contact with them but heard about it. I felt like I could feel her anger attacking me. I felt worn down and chest was tight. Any tips for blocking negative energy?” First I’d like to say to you – I’m sorry you had to go through that. I think we’ve all been there, someone just throws up on you emotionally and it’s not cool. There is good news. There are things you can do to release the negative energy. Unfortunately we cannot block all negative energy because we are…

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    Busting Through Blocked

    You know what you want but no matter what you do it seems like you come up short. It feels like you keep bumping into a wall that says STOP. You feel blocked. Is this resonating? You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt this way. I get it, I’ve been there too. It’s frustrating but hopefully after reading this you’ll feel better about where you are – and why you are where you are. Before we even dive into the signs and symptoms I’m going to tell you something very important. And if you let this sink in, you will feel the pressure lift about whether you’re doing something wrong, if you’re blocked and…

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    Burnout Is No Joke!

    Being a sensitive is such a blessing but without careful attention to your energy, it can feel like a curse. If I have a very busy, cluttered week (like I’m having this week) and I don’t take time to mellow out and spend alone time resting, guaranteed I will pay a hefty price with my energy and clarity. I start thinking about EVERY-thing I have to do (in my entire lifetime) and my head starts to spin. I see all the unfinished projects around me and it chokes my energy. I am currently teetering on the edge of burnout right now which is probably why I’m writing on this topic.…

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    5 Reasons You’re Crying All The Time

    Would you rather listen? Click here We all cry for different reasons. Crying is what makes us human. But there are times when the tears just won’t stop, when it feels like everything makes you want to cry. I’m not talking about tears that well up during a movie, tv drama or when you see a cute baby animal kind of crying. That’s just very every day for sensitives like us. (Also why I never go into a movie with any hint of romance, life drama or battle to overcome without a pocket full of Kleenex. That’s basic, sensitive 101 stuff.) The kind of crying I’m talking about is when…

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    “Don’t be so sensitive”

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told that I’d be sitting on a big pile of money. And it drives me crazy. But early on I didn’t know what it really meant. I thought it was all me, that I was ‘doing it again’. I was overreacting, or taking things too personally. Because those comments would follow and I believed them. I would run myself through a grueling beat-up session..”what’s wrong with me”, “why do I let things bother me”, “I was just feeling fine a minute ago, now I feel like crap”. And then I would own it. I would take claim of the fact…

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    What’s your dream life?

    This is what a DREAM life would look like to me… A positivity party where sensitive peeps who want to rock life on their own terms, have more fun just by being themselves! Let’s face it, life gets craaazy sometimes and not always in a good way. Emotions can run high, then low, up, down, up, down. You can feel all over the map about everything and nothing at all leaving you confused and feeling off. It’s easy to get squashed in the shuffle, give-up on what you want and feel fuzzy about who you were meant to be. Total buzz kill. I hear things like this from people every day…and I’ve been there, so I totally get it.…

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