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    Wigged Out

    “I am soooo wigged out and can’t seem to get it under control. I am asking you to suggest what I can do to help. We put in an offer to purchase a piece of property across the street from us for our son to live in. I just sent in the offer to purchase. But you know how that goes, they have to present that to the Bank and they have to approve one way or the other. I am beside myself since people are looking at that property left and right!!! I am at work today and can’t seem to concentrate and I did talk to my angels…

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    The Sneaky Culprit

    Do you know the #1 reason why ambitious women fail to awaken their big dream and claim ALL the abundance they are pre-destined to have? It’s not lack of skill, lack of passion, lack of support or even lack of money. It’s usually the presence of something else. It’s so common it’s ridiculous and not only that, it’s so common that many women don’t even realize they have it. This sneaky culprit worms its way in and feeds off your big dream! (UGH) Think about the area of your life you’d most like to impact right now. Love/relationships Finance/money Business/career Health/weight Ok, got it?? Now visualize what you want to have…

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    Time To Awaken

    When I was young, I began receiving spontaneous messages and intuitive feelings on things. These feelings would pop in about people in my life as much as for myself, leaving me confused because I didn’t understand what they were or what they meant. I didn’t believe I had any spiritual gifts at that time so that thought never even crossed my mind. Truth be told, most of my life reflected hardship and pain. (what did I know about spiritual meaning??) It was all so confusing, most of the time I thought I was making things up! I had no idea how to interpret what I was feeling and it felt heavy at…

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    The Waiting Game

    Have you ever played the game of waiting and felt impatient? We’ve all been there. I know I’ve been Queen of Impatience myself many, many times. See if you can relate to “The Waiting Game”. You know the drill. You know what you want. You’ve put your thoughts into actions. You’re ready, you’re excited. And now….you wait. You wait for it to show up. And you wait… And you wait… And you wait… UGH. Yes waiting can be challenging and darn right frustrating. If you knew for a fact you would get what you really want no matter what, would it make waiting any easier? (uh-huh!) Hopefully you said a…

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    A Dream Is A Gift Meant To Be Opened

    You were born with the gift of dreaming and at one time in your life probably had a lot of fun with it. Then maybe like so many people, you started to “grow up”.  You hit that point where it felt like it was time to get more serious about your life and “be more realistic”. That’s when you put this amazing gift back in its little box as if you were too old to play anymore. Decisions became based on common sense, from a place of thought and reasoning vs. a place of feeling and intuition. You can’t dream big on common sense and being more realistic is just…

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    Relationships, Another Key in Dream Work

    It’s important to surround yourself with people that believe in possibilities and-more importantly who believe in you. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with-if they’re not dreamers, chances are you don’t have the support you need as you make your way through your dream work. If you’re like most dreamers, you have people in your life that try to influence your decisions. Telling you to play it safe, be more realistic, always pointing out why something won’t work or how it’s failed for so many people. Those are not the people to share your dream work with. It’s time to build…

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    Happy Thoughts Make You Fly

    Happy thoughts make you fly. They also open you up to attract what you need in your dream work….so get happy! Here are a few quick and easy ways to add happiness to your day. 1) Remember For a quick mood booster, think back to a time when you felt really happy, joyful, maybe even giddy! Really put yourself back in that moment and remember how you felt. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between now and then, so you’ll benefit just as much from all the happy chemicals released in your system as you did back when the moment really happened. 2) Make a “Love List” Journal a list…

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    Business and Happy Vibes

    When you play and have fun, magic happens in your business and your life. Have you found yourself spinning your wheels, hard-focused on your to-do list, chasing the clock and wondering when things will change? How much time are you dedicating to FUN and PLAY throughout your week? Or do you save it up for the weekend only to end up cleaning and catching up on laundry? I get it. There’s a lot to do between your home life, family, business. One long list of responsibilities. Taking time off to do something fun seems frivolous right? WRONG! It’s all too common for spiritual entrepreneurs to take on the weight of the world.…

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    Dreamers Are Special people

    “I have a dream.” Certainly one of the famous quotes of our time. One man spoke those words and started a movement that changed our world forever. Imagine the courage and determination it took Martin Luther King Jr. to proclaim his dream to the world with so many odds against him. That’s the power of a dreamer fueled by passion. They become unstoppable. Dreamers cannot rest once a dream in their heart begins to stir. Their passion grows and transformation begins. This passion turns darkness to light, hatred to love, desperation to inspiration. It creates miracles. Simply put, dreamers are inspiration in motion. Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, John…

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    Belief Turns The Key!

    Unlock your someday box with the courage to believe. “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”-J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan Without belief, your dream work will all be for nothing. No matter how much you dream of something, if you don’t believe in the possibility it can happen, you’ll never bring it to life. Walt Disney lived his life as a grand adventure, dreaming big dreams, with no interest in being “sensible” or playing it safe.  Although his father insisted he stop dreaming and get a “real job” in a factory, he ignored his father’s advice and followed his heart.…

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