And then feel totally horrible afterward?

It’s hard when that happens. However, this is a good indicator that energy is not where it should be. It can feel scary, like you’re not in control of your emotions.

When you’re in a snapped mode, you get angry and it’s really hard to be nice to anyone, even though you hate feeling that way.

And then even worse, it can take days to recover from the guilt and shame of losing your cool.

❤👉🏻❤👉🏻As a highly sensitive person it’s easy to absorb a lot of tension, or negative charge. You need to retreat for a while. If you’re not given the space to do that, you feel trapped.


👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Do you ever feel:
❌Ready to blow a gasket?
❌Like you’ve lost control?

Having the right balance influences your ability to relate to other people and the world around you, and keeps things on an even keel. You feel energized, but not raw and overstimulated.

🌩☁️🌤☀️Clearing and balancing your energy centers can help you regain your zest for life without zapping you and everyone around you.

❤👆🏻Turn up the passion and enjoy your life more. Let go, be free, and enjoy change and transformation without all the pressure.

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