“Don’t be so sensitive”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told that I’d be sitting on a big pile of money.

And it drives me crazy.

But early on I didn’t know what it really meant.

I thought it was all me, that I was ‘doing it again’. I was overreacting, or taking things too personally. Because those comments would follow and I believed them.

I would run myself through a grueling beat-up session..”what’s wrong with me”, “why do I let things bother me”, “I was just feeling fine a minute ago, now I feel like crap”.

And then I would own it. I would take claim of the fact that my feelings were invalid. I was convinced I was messed up and needed fixing.

On the lighter side I cry at everything, even really good things. Show me the Pantene tv commercial with NFL Dads doing their daughter’s hair  and it’s guaranteed as the smile hits my face the tears will well up in my eyes.

Because there’s meaning, I feel things while I’m watching. Not just ‘oh look, that is so cute’ like most people, I feel like I’m literally IN the commercial, feeling the love that Dad has for his daughter, the gentleness is like a switch that opens my tear ducts.

rio-1512644_1280It’s a nightly thing this past week with the Olympics. I’m glued to the tv because it’s like being there.

The amount of energy I feel while watching is almost overwhelming but I can’t resist. It’s an emotional rush as if I’m swimming the race myself.

When they show the Moms of the athletes, I can’t stop the streams of tears, feeling their pride and joy. I’m actually getting tears in my eyes as I type about it.

Add the stories of the athletes and their dreams, hard work and obstacles overcome to get where they are, I’m weepy. When I saw the video of Ryan Murphy making his childhood dream come true from the age of 8…I was a total pile of mush on the couch.

As my Fiance Erik likes to say…”here come the water works”. It’s almost on cue when we’re watching, he just knows right when to look at me to see if the tears are streaming.

And he’s usually on point. He’ll reach his hand over and touch mine with a smile because it’s just something he’s come to appreciate about me.

The reason my Fiance is so supportive is not only because he’s a great guy, but because I own my sensitivity in a very different way than I used to-not oh gee, I’m a mess, I’m just “too sensitive”. No, try…”I’m a sensitive soul and proud of it”.

I know what it really means now. I’ve done the research. I’ve looked for answers and I found them. I finally understand why I am this way. I’m not broken.

My sensitivity is my superpower. And it’s the same for you.

I know there are other sensitive souls walking this earth feeling like I used to, flawed.

Are you kidding me? If you feel that way, you are far from flawed. You are what could change everything in this world. If more people were like us, I don’t believe we would have so much conflict and negativity in the world. Sensitives would never stand for it.

Why is it so accepted that not feeling is the way to be? Why are we taught that we should not be feeling so deeply? We are looked down upon for being a deep feeling person. I find it completely backwards and rude.

Sensitive Souls are greatly misunderstood and hugely undervalued.

And feeling that way in society, our culture, in your own family or office is what causes so many sensitives to seem out of sorts, angry, anxious and depressed.

It makes you want to back down, shove the feelings away or stop feeling all together.

What if instead, you owned that you are gifted?

That’s right, gifted.

Only 15-20% of the population has the ability to feel and sense the way you do.

So does it surprise you that most people around you have no idea what it feels like to be you? 80-85% of the people in your life have no clue about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Your brain as a highly sensitive person (HSP) actually works a little differently than others. In the scientific world, the trait is called “sensory-processing sensitivity” (SPS). Research has found HSP have an especially strong empathetic response to emotional cues from others and process information more thoroughly.

Biologists have also found the unique trait you have in over 100 species from birds, dogs, cats, horses, and primates and more. This trait is a survival strategy of ‘being observant before acting’.

Ok, so let’s review.

  • You can read emotional cues from other people without them having to tell you anything
  • You process information more thoroughly by observing before acting

Pretty clear how you can use those specialized, innate skills in business or personal settings. And the more you develop them, the stronger your superpower becomes, the more you shine.

And it will be my pleasure to continue to remind you what a gift you are. To tell you over and over that your ability to feel things the way you do is beautiful. It’s not a flaw, it’s what makes you special.

Not sure how to navigate your feelings?

I can help. I’ve learned things that can change how you experience life. And you don’t have to stop feeling to do it. You get to be yourself, 100%, a Sensitive Soul.

What would it feel like to have an owner’s manual for your emotions that gave you a totally different, feel good way of reading your emotions? Created more honor and respect in your life? Helped you get more of what you want? 

Because I’ve been there, living without the manual, guessing my way through. It was hard, complicated and messy. Then I learned what all my emotions really were trying to tell me, what emotions are for and what emotions were not mine, just other people’s stuff I was taking on.

Let’s connect for a Sensitivity Scan. I’ll help you uncross the wires so the signals are clear. You get to feel lighter and free. Sounds like a good plan yes?