The EPIC Living Academy

You have the gifts to make your dreams come true, but do you have the beliefs + support to get you there as FAST as possible?

You want it all. The happiness, the free-time to do what you want, the kicking ass and taking names. All of it.

But deep down you’re wondering how you’ll pull it off.
It’s just not something you want to do alone.

Well, I have good news!
You don’t have to.


“Nicole creates an atmosphere where real women can support each other, learn more about themselves and be inspired to be their true self! She meets you where you are, helps open your eyes to wanting more and then works with you to map out the best route to get there. Working with Nicole was one of the best decisions/investments I have ever made for myself! Her support is EPIC, she loves what she does and the clients she works with and it shows in everything she does.” 💕 (Did I mention how funny she is and that she can keep things light and make it a very enjoyable process❤️) -Jennifer Reyes Genovese, Health Coach

You’re hungry for more meaning + purpose. You’ve been on your spiritual journey for awhile now. And even though you can see your dreams on the horizon, you feel alone as you up-level your life. You’re starting to realize, not everyone gets where you’re headed and you’re craving that connection with other spiritual seekers.

Because truth be told, you’re tired of having to explain it, the call you feel and why. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone around you fully supported you wanting more, making the needed changes to put yourself first and say no to whatever is getting in the way? Wouldn’t it just be awesome if they jumped in to help you?

But hard truth is, not everyone in your circles will understand why you’re changing,
they may even resist your growth. Or they just may not know how to help you.

That is why joining forces with other women who have a bigger vision is so key to your success, progress & growth!


NO MORE GOING IT ALONE! Working within an empowered group of like-minded, driven by enlightenment group of women to stay on your spiritual path – with the FULL SUPPORT & INTUITIVE GUIDANCE of a mentor who has been there, right where you are and can show you the lighted path!

You get all that AND MORE when you join the EPIC LIVING Academy!

I’ve created a SACRED DIGITAL SPACE where you’re surrounded by badass women,
who are invested in living their EPIC life, where you have access to exclusive spiritual tools and resources – and where you can ask me anything when you need support!


GET ON THE WAIT LIST! Enrollment opens December, 2020!