Get Out of Your Head

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stressed about something that had not happened yet – fixated on it, totally stuck in your head.

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The scenarios, the possibilities, the negative outcomes just continued to spin out of control, rolling into another thought and another, another.

Hey you’re not alone. We’ve all done this!

It’s crazy right? The stories we come up with! The failing, the falling apart, the disasters! UGH!

And yet, none of it has even happened?! What-the-whaaa?

It’s always worse in your head, scarier than anything in real life.

It feels like your mind has a mind of it’s own, it create scenarios, stories with the worst possible outcome.

The worst part is, the stories you tell yourself feel real. You start feeling emotions you don’t want to feel.

You’re stressed. You’re tense. Your heart rate goes up. Your mind comes up with another scenario, another story where everything falls apart.

And that leads to worry. Kicks up your anxiety, the pressure weighs down on you and you feel heavy inside.

You say things like “I don’t know what to do”, “I’m stuck” or “I feel blocked”.

And yet, AGAIN – nothing has even happened.

The real problem is that these thoughts make you fixate on the obstacle – and the longer it goes on, the more your ego will catastrophize the scenario.


It’s time to activate your power. Your success. Your fulfillment. (All of which come from you not to you)

Everyone has a voice in their head. It chatters away, talking you up or talking you down.

Most people think the little voice in their head is the truth, even when it’s being negative, critical. They mistake this voice as their own and it makes them feel small, insignificant and foolish.

What if the critical voice is wrong?


  • Your thoughts are bouncing, racing, spinning around and around and not leading you anywhere
  • You feel tense, stressed, anxious.
  • You’re holding your breath without realizing it.
  • No matter what you think about, you don’t feel any resolve, no answers come forward
  • Your mind is spinning scenarios, none of them are good. The scenarios just seem to get worse
  • You’re thinking and assessing a lot, but not seeing any change, shift or results you want
  • Your focus always seems to go to the negatives, the problems or it all feels like one big problem
  • Your inner chatter is negative, only working you up more, leaving you feeling worse


>>Don’t believe everything you think! The fact is when the ego is in charge, it never assesses your situation in your favor. Learn to talk to yourself. Tell yourself what you need to hear in the moment. Bonus, you’re the only one who really knows what you need to hear in the moment – so SCORE!!

>>Having negative thoughts is normal so don’t get down on yourself. I like to say I don’t care if you have negative thoughts, I care if you believe them. So again, don’t believe everything you think. The mind is wired to look for problems to keep you safe, but with your intention you can reframe for a more positive thought.

>>The ego spins unfavorable scenarios not your intuition. That’s why it’s good to go with your gut on your first feel, not your second thought. You will get an intuitive hit to give you direction, move on it. No need to go up in your head and mull it around – it only gets confusing up there.

>>Simply close your eyes and take a deep breath. Put your focus to your breath, feel as it moves through your body, your lungs expanding and pushing breath out. Visualize all your thoughts spinning in your mind as a color and shape it into a ball. Visualize dropping the ball as a vibrant ball of colored energy down into your body and let it expand throughout your entire being. This helps you become fully present in your body vs. just in your head.

>>Notice what you notice. What are your thoughts focused on? Something that has not happened yet? Something or someone outside of yourself? If yes, understand everything outside of yourself is nothing you can control. Bring your focus inward. What’s something you CAN do something about? What do you have control of? (hint, your thoughts, your feeling, an action step, etc)

>>Inner chatter matters. Practice empowering self-talk all day, every day. Write a list of your obstacles and then write a positive, power mantra for each obstacle.

>>Point your mind in the direction you want it to go. What IS working for you? What have you already accomplished? What DO you want to see for yourself? Your mind is there to serve you, so give it direction and point it where you want it to go.

>>Get up and move your body, better yet, shake your ass. When you move your body you move your energy. You change your state and get into a peak state. If you feel stuck in your head the worst thing is sitting down which only makes you feel smaller and stops your energy flow. Stretch your arms wide, march in place, choose your movement and continue until you feel your energy shake loose.

>>Practice, practice, practice. Mindset work in ongoing and forever. The cool thing is, the more you do it, the better you get and the less you have to monitor and check in to move your mind set point.

>>Journal it out. Never underestimate the power of the pen. However, be sure to write out what you want, how you want your life to flow – not writing out what you fear or hope doesn’t happen. Writing magnifies the feelings. When you write out what you want, it makes it tangible and activates your vibration to create the outcomes you want.

>>Choose a feeling set-point for the day. Yes, you can choose how you want to feel! If you feel yourself drifting off to thoughts that don’t feel good, remind yourself of your feeling set-point and choose a thought that activates that feeling.

>>Create visuals like a dream board, Pinterest board, personal notes to yourself, set reminders in your phone with positive affirmations that pop up through your day. All of these are great to reset your mental GPS!

>>Take action on something you can do something about. Even if it’s unrelated to your goals, get up and do it. Things as simple as taking out the garbage, getting a glass of water, cleaning off your desk can break the negative, spinning thoughts and get you into action. Develop the understanding that any action is good for your goals. This is different than avoiding what you need to get done – this is decluttering, creating order in the moment of feeling stuck to get your energy moving again.

I’ll leave you with this – do whatever works for you and keep at it until you move your energy and move your thoughts into supportive, productive action.

And never, ever believe you don’t have control of your thoughts or your outcomes.

You are in charge of you.

You can give your mind direction and with intention create the life you want and desire.

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