Have certain things run their course?


A another week has come and gone. That’s the cycle of life, something starts and then it ends only to start something new again. One continuous cycle of start to finish.

From the cycle of flowers in bloom, to the cycle of the moon to the changing seasons, always a beginning and an end into another beginning.

As we head out of the summer season and into Fall it opens another space for you to step into. A time of your life to create beautiful things.

Have you had time to think about what you want for the season ahead? What you’d like to see happen as we head to the finish line for 2018?

Which brings us to the energy focus for this week.

With the shifts on the planet at this time many are finding that what used to work for them, no longer does. A cycle of their life is ending in different ways.

This ending can come in the form of relationships, jobs, children growing up and moving out on their own and for some, just a simple awareness that what used to be enough for them, no longer is.

This can feel uneasy, discomforting and even confusing because when something feels like it’s ending, it can seem like a loss – but it’s all part of the process.

Because while something may have run it’s course and come to an end, a beautiful beginning is in the works.

At this time there are many caring souls being called forward to serve at higher levels, called for their spiritual promotion.

In order to allow for that to happen, some things – responsibilities and interests, must fall away to clear energetic space.

So – if this resonates – what used to work, what used to interest you or satisfy you, no longer does. That cycle has ended as you are called into a new one.

One of greater purpose, divine purpose.

Resisting these cycles can cause unease and prevent you from fully experiencing your life.

For example if you feel a shift in your interests and resist it by questioning, pushing yourself pr feeling loss vs. moving into the next cycle with an open mind and enthusiasm – you may feel confused, frustrated or out of sorts, you suffer and miss the purpose of the shift.

As I explained to a client this week who had felt this very shift in some of her interests and responsibilities, it is not always a lack of motivation or desire (thanks for that one ego) – it is a shift IN alignment. (high five to the Universe)

When you are called to serve a higher purpose, what used to interest you or – fill your time and focus – no longer will. It’s not that you will stop or walk away from all things entirely, it simply means that other things may take a higher precedence over other things.

Like learning a new spiritual skill, focusing more on connection, putting your own energy needs first – or on a bigger scale, making the decision to fully step into your calling.

You are meant to move on to the divine purpose intended for you. And you’ll feel it.

So, if you’ve been feeling a shifty, unsettling-ness in your energy and focus, like there’s something ‘else’ for you and you’ve lost touch with what used to fill you up inside – this may be why.

Welcome to the next cycle or the start of your spiritual promotion.

Here are some tips to move through the energy this week.

Stay present. No need to rush, wish it was tomorrow, or the next level or step or that you “just knew” what was next. If you find yourself worrying, fretting about your future – you’re living in the past. Be in harmony with the cycle by enjoying the now.

Love yourself right where you are. The Universe does, you can too. That means be good to yourself. Now is the time to invest in you and pay special attention to what brings you joy with no judging yourself for what no longer does.

Enjoy and trust the process. Embrace that things will fall away to make room for new beginnings. By doing so you will connect more fully to your soul’s purpose, notice the signs and be guided where you are meant to go.

This week’s intention:

“I am guided by the cycles of life and live in complete harmony.”