How’s your enthusiasm?

It’s an amazing day when you’re living in alignment!

Your life is filled with all the things that make you giddy, what is most meaningful for you and keeps you all smiles, all day!

You feel at ease, peaceful + content – but you’re revved and ready with enthusiasm for more!

Every morning when I wake, my heart immediately jumps to “what do I get to do today?” I feel an instant lift as I scan through my list of activities.

I have an enthusiasm for life that I can’t quite describe.

I find myself saying with a smile, “I love my life” and “thank you Universe, more please”. I literally spend my days serving other people in ways that feel most meaningful for me.

I feel like I’m walking on clouds and my heart overflows. Yes, I feel THAT good!

Does this sound too good to be true? Unrealistic to feel this good in your life?

When did living that happy become unrealistic? Why do people doubt it’s possible?

Because of their past and the beliefs they’ve collected along the way.

It’s not uncommon to develop a twisted sense of what life could be like. Settling on thoughts like “if I can just get through this day or this week” or feeling like dreams are super hard to come by or only happen for the lucky ones.

But alignment is possible for everyone. And it really does feel like cupcakes and rainbows – or whatever makes your heart go pitter-patter.

Living in alignment looks different for everyone, but living an unhappy, miserable, hard life – looks the same for everyone. It’s hard, definitely no fun. To sum it up, it sucks.

And I was there. That was my life at one time.

I was miserable, afraid. I second guessed myself. I fell short on the outcomes I wanted.

lost my dreamer’s outlook on life. That’s when things really took a turn for the worst.

I did what I thought I should do and ignored my feelings. Until I couldn’t ignore them anymore. I was getting sick, my life was falling apart – and I had to take notice before it was literally too late.

Living in alignment only happens once you take notice of being out of alignment – and doing something about it.

I don’t ignore my feelings anymore. I notice when I’m out of alignment and do what it takes to get back in alignment.

And for me, that means trusting my sense of knowing what’s best for me.

How have you been feeling when you first wake in the morning? Does your heart skip a beat to get started on all the goodness that awaits? Are you so excited you can hardly believe this is your life? Do you find yourself saying, “how did I get here”? As in this magical space that is YOUR life?

If not, what do you think, feel and say to yourself when you get up? How is life feeling for you lately? What are you noticing?

If life is not feeling all it’s meant to be for you, chances are your intuition has been poking at you about it.

You may experience things like:

  • you have a sense of restlessness, like something is missing
  • you feel far from home, like you’re not where you’re supposed to be
  • your relationships, circles and friendships feel slightly different or disconnected
  • you may feel more depressed or anxious than ever
  • it’s getting harder to hold onto the life you’ve consciously created and yet you’re not sure what else you want
  • you miss feeling joyful and seek more connection

If any of these resonate, they are truly good signs.

Your soul is calling.

It’s trying to help you find your way back to yourself. Back to alignment. Back home.

It’s like staring at a blurred object, seeing double – and then adjusting to bring it into focus. The split images become one. They click and all is complete.

Are you feeling incomplete?

What have you been noticing lately? What feelings, nudges or signs? What feels off, out of alignment or not quite right anymore? What has your intuition been trying to tell you?

Life is not supposed to be so rigid, hard and complicated. It is supposed to feel light and fun where you feel like a dreamer again.

Did I mention your soul is calling? And good news, it knows the way home, back to yourself.

Drop a comment, let me know what comes up for you. I’m here to help.