Let The Healing Begin

Nothing feels worse than having your heart broken.

At first you feel dazed, confused – denial sets in. You tell yourself this can’t be happening, not for real. It can’t be true.

Your mind flashes back to memories when everything was okay, then dashes back to the present moment – you suddenly feel like you’re in a living nightmare.

Reality sets in and you realize everything has changed.

You feel raw, like someone literally reached inside you and ripped your heart out.

As the days pass you do what it takes to make it through the day which may include isolating, staring out the window at nothing, eating loads of ice cream and watching sad movies you can cry your eyes out to. Melancholy becomes your new friend.

After the original sting passes, you’re left feeling a bit lifeless inside. Things that used to excite you, really don’t anymore. You get in the habit of feeling numb.

Until one day you wake up and realize your life is full of things that don’t matter, things that are not serving you-other than distracting you enough to cover up the pain that’s been left behind by your heartbreak.

You tell yourself to just “let it go”, “get over it already” or to forget about it.

But the damage is done. And it still hurts when you let yourself go there.

But you don’t, you try to hide how you really feel. Still it’s there. That dull ache from your castaway heart.

And even though you don’t like feeling this way, it’s there.

When you’re alone with your thoughts it’s there. The heartbreak. The reality.

What you once had is gone and you still can’t believe it, you still can’t believe it can hurt like this.

Some days are better than others, some are not.

You’re just tired of living this emotional roller coaster-you want off, you want to feel good again.

You used to have a dream, it energized you. Life had color and zest, full of possibilities. To feel that way again would be a welcomed thought.

It’s time for a shift.

Away from the pain, toward new meaning and purpose. Healing beyond heartbreak so you can dream again.

Healing begins with a simple proclamation – “I want to feel good”

And the longer you wait, the longer heartbreak has to take a toll on your spirit and wellbeing, your health and your success.

Healing beyond heartbreak is a process. Take the first step with my free report 3 Easy Ways To Feel Good Now.