Running a Soulfully Guided Business

Have you ever struggled with decisions in your business? What to focus on? What systems to use? Wondering what marketing approach is best for you?

There’s a lot to decide whether you’re trying to build a new business or run the one you have.

How do you know what’s best for you?

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Trusting yourself the most to make the right decisions for your marketing, who you hire, how you create programs – really anything that falls under the roof of running + growing your business – is the way to growing + enjoying your business.

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you with on this week’s show, where you’ll learn what it takes to run a Soulfully Guided business.

It’s the greatest time to be an entrepreneur – there’s more resources available and on your side. So then why are so many passionate, gifted and talented, visionary, spiritual entrepreneurs struggling to get their business off the ground?

There’s more than one reason, layers and variables but there are also commonalities that keep some stuck in a loop that leads to burnout, giving up, self-doubt and wasted time, energy and dollars.

  • 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 50% in the first 4 years
  • More than 25 million Americans are starting or running a new business with more than 100 million startups launched every year – about 3 per second

How do you stand out in 25 million startups? By running a soulfully guided business. That means it’s all about you, your energy and your style.

That means you must know who you are. Being who you want to be. Saying what you want to say the way you want to say it.

And a mix of other simple shifts so you do stand out as the go-to expert. Listen to the full episode to hear them all.

For more support schedule a time for us to discuss the energy of your business, alignment + how to get you all the outcomes you want!