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    Wigged Out

    “I am soooo wigged out and can’t seem to get it under control. I am asking you to suggest what I can do to help. We put in an offer to purchase a piece of property across the street from us for our son to live in. I just sent in the offer to purchase. But you know how that goes, they have to present that to the Bank and they have to approve one way or the other. I am beside myself since people are looking at that property left and right!!! I am at work today and can’t seem to concentrate and I did talk to my angels…

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    Time To Awaken

    When I was young, I began receiving spontaneous messages and intuitive feelings on things. These feelings would pop in about people in my life as much as for myself, leaving me confused because I didn’t understand what they were or what they meant. I didn’t believe I had any spiritual gifts at that time so that thought never even crossed my mind. Truth be told, most of my life reflected hardship and pain. (what did I know about spiritual meaning??) It was all so confusing, most of the time I thought I was making things up! I had no idea how to interpret what I was feeling and it felt heavy at…