How would you rate your energy skills?

Solid? Fair? Or depends on the day?

Mastering your energy to get what you want + feeling the way you want is totally doable. So why is it so damn hard for emotionally gifted people to do?

One word.


Most EG people are not even aware they have the option to master their energy. They think they have a flaw or weakness where they feel everything whether they want to  or not – nothing they can control. Is that you?

Because I’m here to say oh not so my friend!

Not just knowing the basics or fundamentals of energy management but owning and dominating them so deeply that you do them without thinking.

You reach a level of unconscious competence just like tying your shoes, writing your name or brushing your teeth.

You don’t think, you just DO.

So instead of thinking:
“where do I even begin?”
“I’m doing all the right things but I still feel like crap”
“ugh, this is too hard to keep up with”

You just roll through your day feeling light, energized and full of life.

Does that sound amazing AF to you – or like a giant pipe dream that YOU could ever feel that way – consistently?

Mastery means going beyond the surface information, it means going deep into the layers until you have mastered each one. And it’s NOT, let me repeat NOT as complicated as you might think.

If you’ve tried and failed, dabbled and lost your way with energy management (self-care, positive thinking, etc) – you might be feeling like it’s not possible for you.

Stick with me and I’ll prove you wrong. Energy MASTERY is possible for anyone.

As long as you have the right tools, guidance and MIND-SET point.

How masterful are you at energy management?

How many times have you started a self-care practice only to realize you had left it behind or piled under all the to-dos on your list?

Here are the 4 levels of Energy Mastery.

Which one are you currently functioning at?

LEVEL 1: Knowledge + understanding. Knowing what you know, but not necessarily doing it. Your ability to know and understand. Everyone starts here.

You get it, you’re aware of the information but have not reached the level of implementing from within or following through to make it a habit. It’s like reading the book cover and the preface to understand the topic but not having gone deep and read the book yet.

This is where most women dabble and many times destroy their belief they can have it all. They tell themselves “they already know this” and beat themselves up for not feeling better or being more consistent because “they should know better” but knowing is not where transformation or mastery happens.

This start-stop, start-stop cycle hits repeat feeling heavier on every stop. Information by itself is not life-changing or valuable – but it is step 1.

LEVEL 2: Emotional or feeling awareness. You feel and more importantly – you’re aware of what you feel. You notice what you notice by tuning into your feeling place.

So instead of just noticing you feel off, you notice that you notice and bring presence to it – with the intent to adjust as needed. Only when you bring presence to something do you have the power to change or shift it.

Emotions and feelings are a powerful tool to mastering energy management because you can activate the emotion you want and need when experiencing one you don’t want or need.

This looks like “I feel like crap” and feeling stuck there vs. “I notice I don’t like the way I feel” with the intent to shift to a better feeling place.

LEVEL 3: Physical or adjusting. This means taking action with intention. Focusing on the result or energy you want and adjusting UNTIL you get there.

This may mean (and 99.9% of the time does) moving your body, changing your physiology to get in the state you want. When you get really good (after doing level 4 enough) you shift there almost automatically. It becomes unconscious competence for you.

LEVEL 4: Repetition or practice. Over and over, all of the above, all throughout your day. Sounds like a lot of work at first, and it can be clunky – but practice makes mastery. I work with my clients to stay consistent through the process until it feels natural.

Repetition takes you from thinking, planning and monitoring to just being who, what and where you need and want to be energetically.

You adjust on the fly without even thinking about it. A basketball player doesn’t have to concentrate to dribble the ball – they just move and dribble to the basket. Same goes here. You don’t think about where your energy is in every moment – you just move and adjust to your goals.

What level are you??

What I have found is most women are doing some or bits of different levels, but not consistently and not having mastered EVERY level + they have no idea how to ACCURATELY track their progress which can keep them in the loop of start-stop.

They think “I’m doing all the right things but what I want is not happening” so they feel what they are doing is not working. It is working, but they are not measuring their success accurately.

Example – If I want “A” to happen and I do all the wonderful things to make “A” happen, but the only way I measure my success if “A” happens – and it doesn’t happen, or hasn’t happened yet I might feel like I’m failing or what I’m doing is not working. This can lead me to quit or get frustrated which damages the process.

With that perspective, I am failing.

However if I were to take a different perspective and see that “B, C, H and Y” have been going gangbusters – in other words, there’s total progress in other areas of my life or business, relationships, etc. – that would take the pressure of “A” and also give a better perspective of my progress.

I had a client that felt she wasn’t making progress – and then in the next breath told me all these unexpected awesome things that had happened for her while she was working on her goal. When I pointed it out she was pleasantly surprised and happy to acknowledge the growth in her life. (who doesn’t love growth am I right??)

What she was really doing was being rigid with her success. She was not assessing her whole life, only her one goal.

If you improve anything at all, even the tiniest thing in your mindset and your energy – your life will reflect that improvement somewhere. So you have to look at the whole picture, your whole life and assess accurately. I love teaching that skill! It’s a game-changer.

What level of energy mastery are you at currently? What level would you like to be at consistently?

If there’s one thing I have mastered, it’s my energy. It’s my thing. It’s my zone of genius. It’s my playland.

It’s why I’ve been called “The Queen of Positive Energy”. (one of my favorite compliments!)

If your energy is great, you’re not struggling or you feel amazing consistently – high five! Keep that going. Positive energy is what dreams are made of!

However – if you are not feeling amazing, or it’s a day by day evaluation never knowing how you’re going to feel – LET’S TALK.

Energy poverty, feeling energy poor is a dream killer. I’ve been there, I get it and I know it doesn’t have to be that way. I want you to feel ENERGY RICH. And I’m here to show you.

Are you up for that? Feeling better? Full of life? Whenever you want or need?

Until action becomes automatic and you roll through your day with no gaps in your energy. I’m here to get you to the next level – literally. RESERVE OUR CALL HERE and let’s get you started.