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    Have certain things run their course?

      A another week has come and gone. That’s the cycle of life, something starts and then it ends only to start something new again. One continuous cycle of start to finish. From the cycle of flowers in bloom, to the cycle of the moon to the changing seasons, always a beginning and an end into another beginning. As we head out of the summer season and into Fall it opens another space for you to step into. A time of your life to create beautiful things. Have you had time to think about what you want for the season ahead? What you’d like to see happen as we head…

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    What’s On Your Love List?

    You absolutely have the power to create a new dream – your own Heaven on earth. That can feel impossible if you’re not feeling good. Fulfilling your dreams is all about energy, being in “the flow”, creating alignment with what you want, and how you feel. If you’re feeling tired, stuck, overwhelmed or weighed down by heartbreak it creates negative energy that blocks flow and resistance that pushes what you want away – it also attracts more of what you don’t want. The key is to release any negative energy that’s blocking you from getting what you want and get your energy flowing in the dream zone again. Do any of these feel familiar? Deep down you wish you had…

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    Who Do You Admire Most In The World?

    And WHY? What great inspirations and qualities do you admire about these people? I absolutely admire so many-Walt Disney being at the top of my list. He has inspired me since I was a little girl to believe in my dreams. Not only for his passion for imagination but for his tremendous determination and never-say-die-spirit to make his dreams come true. It’s so important to identify these most significant people in your life for guidance, inspiration and for support along your dream journey. You don’t need to know someone you admire to get their advice. Cool thought right? You can admire someone from near or far whether you know them…

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    Time To Awaken

    When I was young, I began receiving spontaneous messages and intuitive feelings on things. These feelings would pop in about people in my life as much as for myself, leaving me confused because I didn’t understand what they were or what they meant. I didn’t believe I had any spiritual gifts at that time so that thought never even crossed my mind. Truth be told, most of my life reflected hardship and pain. (what did I know about spiritual meaning??) It was all so confusing, most of the time I thought I was making things up! I had no idea how to interpret what I was feeling and it felt heavy at…