Any tips for blocking negative energy?

A great question from a Facebook member!

Hear no, see no, speak no NEGATIVITY!She said: “Last week someone was very angry at me. I didn’t even have contact with them but heard about it. I felt like I could feel her anger attacking me. I felt worn down and chest was tight. Any tips for blocking negative energy?”

First I’d like to say to you – I’m sorry you had to go through that. I think we’ve all been there, someone just throws up on you emotionally and it’s not cool.

There is good news. There are things you can do to release the negative energy.

Unfortunately we cannot block all negative energy because we are not always “on guard”. Sometimes people sucker punch you with their negative ickiness.

But you can prep yourself with awesome self-care, mindset work, lots of H2O and deep breathing throughout your day to release tension, keep you strong and alert and pumped full of positivity – in fact, those are a must, must in your personal care plan.

However there will be times when something happens unexpectedly, when you’re feeling tired or when someone else has a freak out “just because”, etc. that will challenge your energy and shove you off balance. It’s important to be prepared but it’s just as important to have recovery tools.

If someone is being awful and unreasonable, it’s totally normal and ok to not like it!

The fact that your chest felt tight is a definite symptom of Heart chakra pain. It’s associated with having a “broken heart,” often from being let down in some way by someone. Feeling “her anger attacking me” is a pretty good indicator that you were feeling it in your heart chakra.

Emotions connected with the heart chakra include on the not so good side – hate, anger, bitterness, resentment, grief, self-centeredness, loneliness – and on the good side -forgiveness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, commitment, trust, loyalty and the ability to follow one’s heart – a mix of a lot of emotions!

Try this process:

Step 1 – no matter what: Acknowledge and realize what you are feeling. Create awareness about your feelings. This also helps you honor your own feelings.

Example “I’m suddenly feeling awful, I don’t like feeling this way.” (this puts you in control of your feelings not the other way around)

Step 2 – Assess where it’s coming from. “Why am I suddenly feeling this way?” (because your energy was fine prior to the event – it’s not always obvious where it’s coming from like in this situation) Once you determine “is this my stuff or theirs?” you can move forward.

Step 3: Get to work on your energy.

If it is your stuff, you can journal, go for a walk, use tapping/EFT, do something to break the thought pattern and move your energy. You can and need to work through your own feelings.

Ask yourself this question to get a new perspective that supports and serves you: “How is what I’m feeling, this situation perfect for me?”

If it’s really not your stuff, all of the above still applies, but it can be even easier to cut the tie to the negative energy when it’s not yours.

It’s really a matter of mindset – “this is not my mess to clean up”. And say it forceful if needed – NOT MINE and walk away.

Bonus Tip: Give yourself a visual of picking up a pile of garbage and dumping it, dropping it, walking away. (Visuals make energy feel tangible)

I’ve also had clients put their unwanted feelings that do not belong to them in a visual box and donate it to the Goodwill of the Universe. (the Universe will clean up the mess and redistribute positive emotions instead)

You can visualize cutting the energetic rope (her anger to you) and being free to walk away vs. staying tied to her.

This process takes practice.

I have learned how to flip my energy connection off in negative situations like a light switch. I honor what I feel but when I assess it’s not mine, I’m done with it.

There are times where negative energy lingers and I have to do a bit more work on it but it’s shorter periods of time that I have to work through it than it used to be. (I used to carry crap around with me for weeks and months!)

You can too. (and I’m here to help if you need it)

When someone is BLAMING they are really PROJECTING.

They are not owning any part of the issue or even being reasonable to resolve it. There is something within them they don’t like, don’t want to deal with, don’t want to own…so they throw it at you instead, sometimes verbally and sometimes energetically.

They just want you to be wrong. Regardless of what happened, that makes them part of the problem.

Things happen between people, misunderstandings, points taken wrong, etc. Anger doesn’t create peace. Simply approaching someone to discuss what happened and find resolution does.

“Learning to navigate your emotions is a process not an event.”

And I will add it’s a necessity.

Because the truth is, not everyone is giving a positive go at communication, feelings and relationships.

But with practice, you can be ready for them. Or at least dodge their sucker punch!