2020 Planning Party

Let’s Ring In The New Year Together!

Saturday, December 7, 2019 (10:30 am – 1:30 pm)

This is for the woman who is ready to take the reigns for her life, health and relationships and charge into 2020 with full joy, clarity & power!

Will YOU be there?


  • Understand why 2019 unfolded the way it did for you and what you were meant to learn
  • Discover what your spirit guides want you to know to help you stay on track with the paths which align with your soul and life lessons
  • Clear any unwanted feelings or energy about 2019 so you can move into 2020 feeling light, free and excited
  • Create your soul-map for 2020 with the help of your higher self, with action steps that feel exciting + inviting
  • Assess the energy tools, resources and support you need to move forward on those action steps
  • Feel totally confident and in control of your own destiny!

It’s ALL possible, with my
Mimosa & Make Real 2020 Planning Party!

“I have stepped back into my creative mode and it’s pouring out like a waterfall. Nicole, I know I did the work…but you were the angel who gave me the tools. Love you forever! Thank you from my soul and my happy heart!”
– Joy Allen

Joy is such a shining example of why I do this work. I created a yearly planning party when I realized that so many sensitive women with big vision to create change and even bigger hearts to back it up, were struggling to feel good, energized, clear and confident enough to say yes to themselves.

Their life was literally passing them by while all their dreams were put on hold. And they were too tired and overwhelmed to do anything about it. They would try to look for answers online or ask for feedback from loved ones and friends, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. And I’ve studied this problem for over 25 years and found so many simple solutions!

The work I share in this planning party process has positively impacted my own life! I am no longer spending my days just thinking or dreaming about what I want but feeling too lost and afraid to go for it. I create my soul map and implement my aligned action steps creating the outcomes I used to never believe were possible for me. I feel more confident, healthy and on purpose!


Here’s how this fun, interactive, planning party works:

  • I’ll guide you through 2019 from a place of power for lessons learned so you can say BEEN THERE, ROCKED THAT!
  • I will provide energy work to re-purpose old energy that’s not serving you for a free & clear path to the New Year!
  • Together we’ll create your soul-map for what you want in 2020 + prime your energy to make it happen.
  • I will help you connect with your guides and higher self to work closely with you.
  • You’ll gather with 9 other women who are fully engaged, open to learning and totally supportive!
  • AND to make it, even more cozy and personal – I’m hosting right in the comfort of my home!
  • You’ll also have access to a private pop-up Facebook group for added support through the holidays!
  • We’ll even play fun games to kick off the party in just the right high vibe!
  • Plus you get a workbook, prizes, appetizers & of course MIMOSAS!

You will leave feeling refreshed with new insights, vision with direction, friendships and a warm-fuzzy about your life with traction for your dreams.

To keep this intimate, I have only 10 spots.

We’re going to party like only sensitive, spiritual women know-how – with lots of happy vibes, chatty-chatty about our feelings and how to connect deeper to what we really want to see and feel to make 2020 your most ‘Hallmarky-feel-good’ year ever!

Attend in person! (Hartford, WI)

Can’t make it live? No worries! Book your private 2020 Soul Map Session with me!