You are everything + more.

In case you needed a reminder.

You are everything you are meant to be right here in this moment. You couldn’t be anything more than you are right now.

That means you’re not missing anything, you’re not “not there yet” or behind on your journey.

Sometimes your ego can paint a picture that doesn’t quite represent your truth or your worth accurately. But that’s what I am here for, to remind you of all you already ARE.

And the best part is, you’re not done yet.

You are not done growing. You are not done learning. You are not done expanding.

That means the door is open for you to become even more of who you are here to be.

What is it you dream of?
What would you love to experience in your life?
What beautiful, colorful, vivid visions do you see for your journey ahead?
What would make you feel most alive down the road?

I’m a dreamer. Always have been and I plan to be for all of my days.

But there have been times where I lost sight of that part of me. I forgot how to dream.

I was consumed with my problems, my setbacks and I didn’t see a way out. I almost wanted to give up.

But that my friend is exactly what dreams are for. To keep you going.

Without the power of a dream you can get swallowed up in the chaos.

You lose sight of what really matters.

Your mind fixates on problems, obstacles and life starts to feel too hard.

You tell yourself that once you have x, y, z handled THEN you can focus on your big dreams. So you spend your days just trying to whittle it all away only to feel small, tired and powerless.

You feel the life slipping out of you more every day and you may start to question the point of it all.

You may even have thoughts that there’s “too much to do” to focus on your dreams right now.

I won’t let that happen for you. I’m right here, calling to you.

Listen to my voice. Feel the energy.

Your life is not a problem to solve.

You are everything and more – more than any temporary problem.

Keep dreaming beloved. Beyond the problems.

If all your problems were already solved, what else would unfold for you?
What would you dream about then?

Take a few minutes today and sit with that. Because you are everything and more.

And your big dreams are waiting for you to step into them.

See you again soon,


Energy Strategy Mentor + Professional Dream Activator